• Would your company’s leaders know what to do if news reporters were knocking at the door?
  • Would your organization’s managers know how to respond in an ‘ambush’ interview?
  • When should you say “no comment?”
  • When is saying ‘no comment’ a serious mistake?
  • How do you handle the ‘curve ball’ questions a reporter may ask and stay on message?
  • Have you worked with a traditional Marketing or PR firm in the past that, by its own admission, doesn’t know how to land you, your product, or your company positive media coverage?
  • Are you managing a PR or Marketing firm and need help with the media piece of the puzzle

At Headlines Consulting, we take a customized approach to your company’s specific media challenges.  We listen to your needs, then tailor a media strategy laser-focused on your organization to help you maximize positive media exposure and minimize negative media coverage.  We offer one-on-one as well as group consulting sessions.


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